Tiefling Fighter


(all art for Tova was drawn by Pheberoni)

Tova is a 26-year-old Tiefling Fighter, standing approximately 5’ 3". She is very well-muscled and dotted with scars. Her nose has been broken several times, the most recent break still leaving it swollen at the bridge. Her eyes are red and her skin is a dusky gray-brown. She has horns like most Tieflings, which are black and curve back over her head. Her natural hair color is black, but she has bleached most of it, leaving it a silvery white except at the roots, and all of it is unruly with curls.


tovamore.jpg Tova is a two-weapon fighter, preferring to use either short swords or a pair of scimitars. She seems to have a fiery and reckless personality. She loves to fight and will start one at the least provocation, as evidenced by her ill-fated prison fight with Ront, and her unsettling grins and good humor throughout— even as she was nearly killed. She has great respect for people she fights, and made fast friends with Ront afterwards.

Tova has been imprisoned by the Drow for ten days, the longest of any of the party. She seems to be going crazy in her confinement. She mentioned being a slave before and seems ready to die rather than live in captivity again.

Not the brightest in any crowd, Tova struggles with unfamiliar concepts and words, such as “coup” and “voting.” She seems more streetwise than booksmart. Tova usually makes good decisions on the fly and in bad situations, but doesn’t have a lot of learning at her disposal, and is pretty unbothered by that.


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