Prince Derendil

Elvish Prince that has been transformed into a Quaggoth


Prince of the realm of Nelrindenvane within the High Forrest, Prince Derendil was betrayed by by his own counselor and wizard, Terrestor, and his crown usurped. Terrestor transformed the Prince into a Quaggoth, adding not only insult to injury, and made sure that he was captured by the Drow and drug to the depths of the Underdark.
Despite cutting the figure of the hulking body of a Quaggoth, Prince Derendil attempts his best to hold himself in the highest esteem and good posture. He speaks Elvish with the finest high accent, and is loath to take up the chores of “commoners”. He is terrified that being changed into a Quaggoth is slowly taking over his mind, and that he will soon become one of the horrid beasts in entirety. What’s worse is that he seems to lose himself in combat or when injured, fighting with tooth and claw with utter abandon, and forgetting what happened afterwards.


Prince Derendil

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